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I Challenge YOU! Plastic Free July

July 1st kicked off PLASTIC FREE JULY!

Have you ever wondered why we don’t do “common things” like offer plastic water bottles in the office or use disposable paper on all of our adjusting tables…? Well, it’s because I am an AVID believer in eliminating the wasteful use of single-use plastics and minimizing household trash! This month I am passionate about promoting Plastic Free July and have pledged to further reduce my own personal use of disposables. But I want to do MORE than that… so I’m challenging ALL of my Hartland patients & families to reduce your use of plastics this month (and hopefully forever!)

Together, we can make a HUGE, positive impact on our environment.

Below are some SIMPLE, EASY & CREATIVE ways you & your family can participate in the challenge too!!

Living with less plastic

REFUSE [single-use plastics] REUSE [choose reusable replacements] REDUCE [plastic pollution]

I’ve also included some helpful links BELOW for some of MY PERSONAL FAVORITE ways to reduce waste:


Reusable sandwich bags & straws, biodegradable band-aids & dog waste bags:

Reusable baby food squeeze pouches, kids lunch snack bags, portable lunch trays:

Reusable grocery items (shopping sacks, produce bags, stainless steel straws): HEB & Amazon

Inspired to accept my challenge? I want to know! Add your comment below or tell me at your next visit that you joined the movement!!

To the Health of our WORLD,

Dr. Kimber

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